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Even though they may crave the high from using drugs, most addicts are more afraid of the withdrawal symptoms they might experience in rehab than they are anxious to use. For some people withdrawal can be fatal, not to mention agonizing and scary for many others. Helping clients to withdraw effectively and quickly from the substances they’ve been abusing is the major goal of every center. Detoxification is not treatment, and cannot “cure” an addict of their drug addiction. Detoxification is an efficient first step to recovery if it is followed by an in-depth treatment program.

After continued alcohol consumption and drug abuse, there are many unhealthy substances that can build up in the human body. Getting rid of those poisonous substances from the body is a part of the detox process. However, detox is primarily about coping with the withdrawal symptoms that addicts fear. Detox might involve the gradual reduction of the substance, briefly substituting different substances, or going “cold turkey” under supervision, and has to be performed as rapidly and thoroughly as possible. The most vital fact to remember about detox is that it is ineffective until followed by rehabilitation.

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