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Drug abuse can be very scary and dangerous, and never ends up making the addict a healthier or happier person. Because drug abuse stems from a combination of genetic, environmental, and psychological effects, dependency is regarded as a complicated disease. This makes treatment for substance dependency even more complicated, so it’s very important for clients to receive treatment from skilled professionals who apply scientifically-proven, fact-based methods to their treatment. Complicating treatment further is the fact that many people suffering from addiction who want and require assistance do not have any idea where to go for help. For individuals that want to stop their suffering, most rehab centers provide healthy, medically proven methods that allow people to take their life back from the deadly grip of dependency.

Some people falsely believe that substance abuse is some kind of character defect or sign of weakness. However, scientists and therapists regard it as a true mental illness. These days, medical and psychological health professionals refer to substance addiction as substance abuse disorder, including the misuse of alcohol and drugs. Similar to asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure, substance abuse disorders are thought to be life-long sicknesses that cannot be “cured”, but may be managed and monitored. Similar to a diabetic who had to learn from a doctor about the way to monitor their insulin, people affected by substance abuse disorders should also enlist the assistance of professionals to become healthy. Many facilities provide skilled, qualified help to those that wish to defeat their substance dependency.

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